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Christmas & New Year Events

The holidays are here and we have a events prepared to celebrate these days!

Vote for Credits~

Event Duration: December 24th - January 1st.

You will now obtain 270 credits from each successful vote instead of 90.

Crdit & Point Auction Sale~

Event Duration: December 22th - December 26th.

Items has been added to the Credits Auction and Points Auction.

Visit Credit Auction | Visit Points Auction
*you need to be login.

Note: the winners will receive their prize on the Next 24-72 hours after the auctions are over. If you do not receive your prize, you can contact us.

Stay online to win~

Time Period 1: December 25th from 1:00AM to 10:00PM (Server Time)
Time Period 2: December 26th from 1:00AM to 10:00PM (Server Time)
Time Period 3: january 1st from 1:00AM to 10:00PM (Server Time)
Time Period 4: january 2nd from 1:00AM to 10:00PM (Server Time)

During this event, the system will give out prizes to all players that are online every 3 hours! Each player will have 8 chances to obtain prizes just be being online!

Drop Event~

*Event time:
December 25th 7:00 PM Server Time
January 1st 7:00 PM Server Time

Kingdom Chest Lv3 Summon~

*Event time:
December 25th 7:10 PM Server Time
january 1st 7:10 PM Server Time

Bosses Summon~

*Event time:
December 25th 7:15 PM Server Time
january 1st 7:15 PM Server Time

Location: outside of Argent City

MvsM Event~

-Events time: December 31th -1:00 PM Server Time.

*Buff,Pots,Manu are allowed.


1st: 5000 IMPs each player in party team
2nd: 3000 IMPs each player in party team
3rd: 1500 IMPs each player in party team


Imps Giveaway~

Duration: December 24th 11:00 AM - December 24th 11:59 PM server time.

Show us where are you playing Kingdom Pirates this christmas and win free IMPS!

Facebook Post:

  • Imps Giveaway Post

  • Please follow the following format:

    Your Pic + your Character name.

    Christmas Image Contest~

    *Make a picture(screenshot) of your character in the game, then edit with the theme of Christmas, the image with more Likes will be the winner!

    -You need send the image to Facebook INBOX and then we will post it there.
    -Event duration: December, 22th - December, 31th 11:00 PM
    -After dec 31th, i will not receive any Image.

    -The Winners will be announced on Jan, 2nd.

    *Note: Make sure your image are made by your own.

    First place: 10,000 IMPS
    Second place: 5,000 IMPS
    Third place: 2,000 IMPS
    -there will be a consolation prize also, do not miss our events!

    Christmas Village~

    Christmas Village has opened and you can find the teleporter to the village at Argent City 2201, 2777

    Inside Christmas village you will gain snowballs depending on how long you stay in there. You can exchange snowballs for fireworks at the many christmas trees located around the map.

    You can also exchange Christmas greeting Cards for Lottery Christmas Card* at the Mini Christmas Trees.

    Lottery Christmas Card gives you a random prizes
    *Hacker Fighter Summon Scroll *Reindeer Summon Scroll *Santa Summon Scroll *EXP Pamphlet Chest *Holiday Pack *Little Dragon Pet.

    Event duration: Dec, 24th, 12:01 AM - 11:59 PM.

    Note: Xmas Monsters from around main citys Drops Christmas greeting Card.

    Note*: Christmas Village will be available until January 3rd

    Reverse Christmas Village~

    Santa Claus has turned evil and is seeking revenge on all of the players!

    *This is a PK map! be carefull.

    [Opening Times]
    -The map opens every [3 hours]
    -The portal stays open for [30 Mins]
    -The map stays open for [45 Mins]

    -The portal can be found at (130,156) Christmas Village Map

    -Evil Santa Claus
    Drops: *Cake *Kingdom Speed Potion *Christmas Lollipop

    Note: Reverse Christmas Village will be available until January 3rd

    Christmas Sock~

    Christmas Socks can be dropped by Xmas Monsters in arround the main citys.

    This item will only be available for open, 23:00, Dec 24th to 6:00, Dec 25th and gives you a random Gem, Great Gem & Rage/Sage Master gem included.

    Santa is Here~

    Santa is here and you will have the chance of get your present. exchange your Christmas greeting Cards for gifts.

    Note: Xmas Monsters from around main citys Drops the Christmas Greeting Card.

    Event duration: Dec, 25th, 12:01 AM - 11:59 PM.

    x2 Server Rates~

    Duration: December 25th - January 1st

    Server rates Will be x2!


    By Administrator on Sunday, December 24, 2023