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How To Make Money - Guide

Hello Pirates. In today's Guide I will teach you how to make money on the Server step by step. From the easiest methods to the hardest.

Let's begin.


If you are new and want to have a strong start on Kingom Pirates, I recommend you to create as many Accounts as possible and vote. The best selling items you can get are Azz Chests and Manu/Potion Packs.

STEP 2 Kall Runestones

If you are a beginner and want to make money, I recommend farming Kalls in DW2. Why ? Because 1. They are very easy to farm, 2. They are very sought after on Kingdom Pirates. You need Kalls for 3rd Rebirth, 4th Rebirth + Gr8 Quest so players will need them all the time.


Tundra is a very good place to make money. You can farm Buff Notes which are highly sought after, you can farm 10m Notes which you can exchange for Gr8 Chests on World Chat, so Tundra will always be a very good place to make money.

STEP 4 Rebirth Quest ITEMS

Another very good way to make money is to collect items for 4th Rebirth and sell them in Stall, You can leave them in Off Stall and they will sell for sure. How can you get these items you ask? You can find all the items + the necessary steps to obtain them in the 4th Rebirth Guide.

STEP 5 Combining GEMS

Combining Gems is a very good way to make money, whether you do it for yourself or get paid by someone to do it.

If you have approximately 524 Gr8 Chests, I recommend you to make Sets of 1-9 Gems and thus you can get a very nice profit. For example, you can sell: Gr8 Rage/Colo for 200-250 gr8 chests. Gr8 Strik for 140-160 gr8 chests. Gr8 Soul 150-170 gr8 chests. And Gr8 Dance for 60=100 gr8 chests. So I leave it to you to do the profit calculations.


To get Famous Cakes you have to go to the Daily Prize NPC in Argent ( 2189, 2778 ) and get a Daily Prize every day for 5 consecutive days. On the 5th day you will receive a nice number of Famous Cakes that you can sell for 5 gr8 chests each!

Keep in mind that if you do this with several accounts you can make a lot of money.

STEP 7 Stay Online on Weekends

If you are Online as much as possible during the Weekend, you will receive a free gift from SYSTEM every few hours, the more accounts you have, the more chances you have to win fantastic prizes. I won't say here exactly what you can win because I want to let you discover that.

STEP 8 Capture The Flag

The last method is CTF. What is CTF you ask? Well, it is a game in which there are 2 teams RED and GREEN. The first team to score 40 points wins! How do you score? Very simply, by taking the flag to the opponent's base, you get 2 points, and if you take it to your base, you get 1. What can you do here to make money, you ask? Well, if you have as many accounts with Lv120+ that you bring to CTF, you will receive great prizes for each account in the winning team. What can you win you ask? If your team has obtained 40 points you will receive x2 Azz Chests x2 Accessory Gems Bags, x2 Cloak Gem Packs. And if you are in the winning team, the time has expired and 40 points have not been obtained, you will receive x1 prizes.

These are the best ways to make money on Kingdom Pirates.

Thanks for viewing.

By Administrator on Wednesday, January 31, 2024